Making dementia care 
easier and effective

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Taking care of somebody with dementia is hard! 

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We are improving care management with data-driven approaches

  • As a caregiver for a person with dementia are you struggling to understand the condition?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed on most days?

  • Are you aware of proven techniques to help your loved one and yourself?

At zelar we are taking a comprehensive view to managing dementia care and equipping the caregiver with evidence-based tools to make caregiving more effective and less stressful

Care plan and pillars of care

Get Organized

Bring structure and routine to your day by scheduling activities along proven pillars of care

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Make Observations

Track your loved one's symptoms to understand how their condition is changing and learn what you can do about it

Note your observations in a journal or diary
zelar generates Insights and Analytics on care performance and adherence

Gain Insights

Get feedback on adherence to plan and get personalized tips to improve


Share caregiving with others, facilitate easy hand-off to temporary caregivers 

Download zelar from the App Store
zelar allows you to add multiple caregivers to collabaorte with
Yoga Class

“As a caregiver, zelar made it much easier to keep track of everything. Medicine schedule, exercise schedule, activities, bath/shower time, doctor appointments. Just enter it into the app and receive reminders throughout the day. It was like having a personal assistant to help me take care of mom.”

Tim, caregiver for his mother-in-law

“zelar helped me keep track of his medicines and doctor's appointments. The app tracks his mood and sleep and allows me maintain a diary very easily. The app is very easy to use and I would recommend other caregivers to give it a try ”

Jean, caregiver for her husband

zelar combines the experiences of caregivers

with latest findings in dementia research 


Stay motivated and reach your care goals

Reduce stress by regaining control of your day


Enjoy more “good days”  

with your loved one


Create a routine and structure care activities


Collaborate easily with other caregivers


Care for yourself with your own care plan